Music & Lyrics - The Compilation - Emma Lea

Music & Lyrics - The Compilation

By Emma Lea

  • Release Date: 2018-07-01
  • Genre: Contemporary


Nate Nash was a rock star… used to be a rock star.  
Now he was just a sad cautionary tale.  He’d been living like a rock star ever since he’d chosen a chance at fame over loyalty.  Five years later, having made too many bad decisions and lost too many nights to the pleasures of the flesh, his career had tanked and now the record company wanted its pound of flesh.

Stevie Jacks was on her way to the top.
Her dreams of being a country music star were on the precipice of coming true, but there was something missing.  Nate Nash.  She thought she hated him for the way he left her all those years ago…turns out she was wrong.  She had loved him then and she loved him now.  For a moment, she thought she could have it all - the guy and the career - but it turned that out Nate was the same selfish bastard he was back then and he once again left her broken-hearted and alone.  But she still had her career and with doors opening up everywhere she looked,  she was determined not to once again let him rob her of her chance of stardom.

Originally published as two separate books, Rock Star (book 1) and Songbird (book 2) have been brought together in this single volume.

*This is a ‘Too hot to Handle’ Romance on the Emma Lea rating scale - These are definitely 18+ reads and contain graphic sex scenes and high level swearing – not for the faint of heart