Good Friday - Emma Lea

Good Friday

By Emma Lea

  • Release Date: 2016-05-01
  • Genre: Holiday


Forced to retire due to injury, ballet star Quinn Markam returns to his hometown to choreograph an up and coming group of dancers.  And he’s not happy about it.  Bitter because of his untimely retirement and depressed because the only job he can get is with the B Company, Quinn is not in the least prepared to deal with an young upstart like Beth who is determined to become the next big thing.

Bethany Reynholm has lived and breathed ballet and dance since she was old enough to walk.  Nothing feels better to her than letting go and letting the music flow through her.  And now she is on the brink of achieving her dream, she just has to impress the one dancer she has idolised for years, except that he is nothing like she expected.  Quinn Markam, the dancer she has looked up to for so long, turns out to be a big disappointment.  He is bitter, rude and impossible to please and despite all that, she’s attracted to him, much to her own disgust.

Beth wants Quinn to see that he still has an amazing opportunity in the world of dance, if he can just get over himself.  And if he can do that, then there might be a chance for the two of them as well.