Black Friday - Emma Lea

Black Friday

By Emma Lea

  • Release Date: 2016-02-13
  • Genre: Contemporary


“Two broken people don’t make a whole one.  The friendship we have, well, it works.  We are kindred spirits, we have stuff in common, we are both seemingly running from the same demons.  That doesn’t mean we can make a romantic interlude work, in fact it almost guarantees that we would be a complete disaster.”

I liked Cole from the moment my best friend introduced us and if I hadn’t been seeing someone at the time, we might very well have hooked up.  But, instead, we became friends, good friends, and I’ve come to value that friendship more than I ever imagined.  Cole just gets me.  When I’m around him I can let all my defences down and just be me.  Sure, he’s hot, and I know that if we ever went beyond friends we would rock each other’s worlds, but our friendship is too important to me to throw it away for one perfect night between the sheets.  I don’t do long term relationships, so one night is all we could ever have and that just wouldn’t be enough.  Cole and I would be spectacular and then we would self destruct.  Neither of us are emotionally available to deal with the fallout.  Maybe if things were different, if I wasn’t so broken, but they’re not and I’d rather have Cole as a friend for life than just a sweet memory.

Darcy knocked me on my ass the first time I met her.  She’s gorgeous, a tiny little thing that I’d like to pick up and carry around in my pocket.  But she’s also smart and funny and a great wingman.  Except that I’d rather sit at the bar talking to her all night than go home with the women she picks out for me.  And now my body has gotten on board and it wants more, much more.  But Darcy’s my friend and the relationship I have with her is probably the healthiest male/female relationship I’ve ever had and I just don’t want to screw it up.  She’s too important to me to be a one night stand - even though I know it would be amazing - and I’m a one night stand kind of guy.  I know that’s an awful thing to admit to, but I’m not whole and I don’t think it’s fair to lump my baggage onto someone else.  So having Darcy as a friend is the only way to keep her in my life, and I definitely want to keep her.