Broken - Emma Lea


By Emma Lea

  • Release Date: 2015-11-01
  • Genre: Paranormal


Betrayal.  Secrets. Lies.

Shayne Adams’ world fell apart the day she turned thirteen.  Betrayed and made a social pariah by her best friend, she didn’t think her life could get any worse.  And then her father died.

Three years later and Tess comes into her life bringing with her a change of fortune.  Shayne’s world begins to right itself; a new best friend, social acceptance and the boy she has admired from afar starts to notice her.  But Tess is hiding something and it is going to turn Shayne’s world upside down all over again.

Tess isn’t the laid back sixteen year old that her outward appearance leads everyone to believe.  She has a secret that she has kept for millennia.  Turning up in Shayne’s life sets things in motion that she can’t control and will have to see through to the very end.

Join Shayne and Tess in the small town of Promise Creek as they come face to face with myths and gods from a world forgotten by time and fight for their happy ever after.